Nyu abu dhabi candidate weekend acceptance rate

Tips for making the most of your 48 hours on Saadiyat Island. What will the houses of tomorrow look like?

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How can we construct them to ensure a sustainable future? Candidate Weekend has changed. Not dramatically —many aspects of the old experience will remain, but some of what you heard may no longer be true. Look no further!

A Weekend with the Candidates

After finding his ticket, Charlie just had to show up at the factory with his grandfather. When the clock struck noon, he swept inside to experience all the wonders that it had to offer. Some of them have deadlines within a few days of your invitation being sent. Pay close attention to these, and stay on top of the deadlines!

Getting these materials to us on time is exceedingly important. When you get to campus, your organizational skills will need to manifest in different ways. Set your alarm in the morning. Be on time. These are simple things that will help you present yourself in the best light! The reality is that not every student who comes to Candidate Weekend gets admitted.

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This might be your only chance to be in a place that is truly a microcosm of the entire world. Start a conversation with everyone that you meet. Do everything you can to try and see the world through their eyes. Even if you choose to attend another university, you still might make some of the best friends of your life. Talk to our current students, our faculty members, and our admissions counselors. Ask them anything that you like. At the end of the day, you only have 48 hours to get to know us.

Do all these things—but keep an eye on the time. Your schedule will be tight. Take a deep breath. Look across the Central Plaza and through the grove of palm trees.

Apply for Admission

Students are winding their way down the pathway from D2 the dining hall. Candidate Weekend, above all else, is for you. We designed this experience so that you can walk away feeling confident and prepared to make this decision.

Ask questions, make friends, and enjoy yourself! Oh, and one more thing. If you choose to ride a camel during the desert dinner experience, hold on to the harness. Facebook Twitter. Study Abroad.NYU Abu Dhabi does not require a deposit for tuition or housing.

However, we do require you to follow the instructions below to give us a formal reply that affirms your commitment to reserving a place in the class. You will be asked to submit a copy of your passport so that we can start processing student residency visas for any student located outside of the UAE. If your passport will expire before Aprilplease start the process of renewing your passport immediately. For the sole purpose of the UAE visa, your passport must be valid at least through Apriland must contain several blank pages for visa stamps.

However, for any other academic or personal travel during the academic year, you will need a passport with longer validity—ideally for the full four years of your expected student status in the UAE.

Please plan to renew your passport as soon as possible. Students that hold a diplomatic passport must apply for a regular passport for the UAE visa process. Visas cannot be processed on a diplomatic passport. During the month of April, we'll be hosting several webinars and live virtual events to help you connect with the NYU Abu Dhabi community.

You can access these through our Admitted Student Resource hub. Interested in taking a virtual campus tour? Want to sign up for a chat with Admissions or Financial Aid? Looking to connect with someone from your academic program?

Well, look no further! Get the experience of our academic building, state-of-the-art-facilities, residence halls, and the neighboring community with a virtual tour. It will be important for you to activate your NYU NetID immediately as all future communications will be sent solely to your nyu. You will require this to access the student portal and NYU email. We'd never forget about the parents and guardians that have helped their students reach this exceptional milestone.

Final transcripts can be submitted by your counselor through the Common Application, by email to nyuad. For Students Attending Non-U. Institutions for instructions. We understand that the ongoing challenges associated with COVID has created significant interruptions to many students' education, and prolonged school closures may result in a delay in final transcripts or examination results becoming available.

Please do your best to submit final transcripts by August 1.Hi, Did anyone receive cw invitation yet or does anyone know when will they start sending them out?

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MOAM3N wait seriously?! I thought they send it all at once? Saywhatnow21 It was sent on 17th of Jan in past two years as FutureStar10 said. MOAM3N seriously? Thanks for asking. I asked them a week ago but they said they have to review more applications. Any thing more they said? Learner19 Oh ya it might be. I only checked the notification dates from the past two years.

Colleges and Universities New York University.

nyu abu dhabi candidate weekend acceptance rate

Does someone know when do they send invites for candidate weekend? All invites should be out by this Sunday or 20th. Invites start coming on 17th Jan usually. I think it came out on the 15th last year right? The invitations are likely to come out within this week.

nyu abu dhabi candidate weekend acceptance rate

Guys… Please update your information when you get your email. Are they sending one by one or all at once? Any idea? Saywhatnow21 It was on 17th last year. When did you receive their email?

Hello, Invitations will be going out from this evening and next week. Hope it helps. When did you get it?By Colt Steele. After attending a candidate weekend in Abu Dhabi, I was fortunate enough to be offered admission. I knew from my first visit to the Washington Square campus that I wanted to attend regular old NYU and decided to apply early decision. I have no recollection of ever intentionally checking this box.

As I was driving home from school one afternoon, a representative from NYU called me to explain that I had been admitted to the New York campus. After I performed the car equivalent of jumping around screaming, the lady on the phone notified me that I was also being considered for admission to NYUAD and that the university wanted to fly me to Abu Dhabi for the candidate weekend.

The weekend itself was tightly scheduled to include equal amounts sightseeing and NYUAD information sessions. We visited the national mosque, shopped in ridiculously large shopping malls, and ate dinner in sand dunes under moonlight.

It was an amazing experience, and by the end I was seriously reconsidering my allegiance to New York. A few weeks later I was offered admission to NYUAD and was faced with an extremely difficult choice that I never anticipated having to make. I had been set on NYU New York for over two years, and the mere fact that I was so suddenly conflicted is a testament to the great strengths of the Abu Dhabi campus. Sure, I was drawn to the luxurious dorms which are much nicer than Gramercythe unique academic environment, the generous financial aidand all of the other well-publicized benefits of NYUAD, but its real strength is its students.

HOW TO GET INTO NYU ABU DHABI - 3 Top Tips to Make Your Application Stronger

The students there really are unparalleled. NYU knew exactly what they were doing when selecting this incredibly interesting, intelligent, and diverse group of students myself excluded.

On my candidate weekend I heard over 30 different languages being spoken and made lasting friendships with people from all over the world. After spending only a few days with these people, I can only imagine that going to school with such a group would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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And yet, I chose not to go. In the end I declined for reasons that sound ridiculous in words. I had my suburban high school student dreams of New York to fulfill, and nothing was going to stop me.

nyu abu dhabi candidate weekend acceptance rate

Even still, I often think of those few days in Abu Dhabi and of the people I met there. Every day my Facebook feed is flooded with photos of all the amazing things my friends there are doing. On those days where I stay inside all day doing work or playing video games, I have to remind myself why I chose to come here in the first place. I wish they all could all experience a candidate weekend or at least visit the campus because it would surely change their mind.

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A select group of high school students from 30 provinces across China took part in a weekend of sample lectures, writing exercises, group activities and personal interviews at NYU Shanghai this month. Selection is based on overall high school scores and awards. Competition for places is high. While admission to Chinese universities usually hinges on the exam scores, NYU Shanghai candidates are granted a chance to make a lasting impression over the span of 24 hours, and have the opportunity to experience NYU Shanghai classes and ask questions during one-on-one interviews.

We then weigh that up with high school academics. This year, the number of places available for Chinese students is up from toafter the university increased its total annual undergraduate intake from to for the first time. Regular decision admissions to both Chinese and international applicants will be released by March For international students, applications are assessed by admissions officers in their region before offers are sent out.

All accepted international students are then invited to visit NYU Shanghai before committing to a final decision. Find out more about how to apply to NYU Shanghai here. Search form Search. You are here Home. Share: Facebook Twitter Weibo. So how does the University choose who makes the final cut? Quicklinks Students Accessibility Website Feedback.Such a great and impressive experience you had! Even if you couldn't make it there eventually bacause of reasons apart of your influence, you reached the most you could by yourself.

Now keep all the memories and new friends you made as a valuable gift for life! Congratulations brother. Getting in is a great achievement itself!! Absolutely loved reading it but the ending was a sock. I hope you are attending a great school now Thank you for reading and for your comment : Good luck on your future university endeavors as well! I'm assuming you're also starting college soon since you read this post.

Hey man That was an awesome review. I got to know a lot about the weekend through it Thanks a lot. Btw were there any indians in d grp?? I am one n i just wanna talk to them if u hv anyone's contact. Thanks a lot!!! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked it. I'm pretty sure there wasn't anyone from India in my group unfortunately.

Good luck with your college pursuit! I love this blog, even though it didn't end so well: i'm pretty sure you're where you need to be though! Thank you so much for those kind words : It's only natural to be nervous, but don't worry, you can always maximise your chances as long as you show your true self and genuine enthusiasm for NYUAD in the application.To be accepted into NYUAD's highly selective cohort of global leaders they must stand out among their peers in academic and extracurricular achievement.

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During their four years, NYUAD students travel the world, gain work experience through internships, volunteer in the local community, and win prestigious awards and accolades.

They go onto study in master's programs at the world's top graduate schools, and secure employment in fields ranging from chemistry to art history. Each year, exceptional NYUAD students are selected to receive some of the most prestigious education awards in the world and pursue Capstone projects that addresses significant local and global challenges.

Why I Almost Went To NYU Abu Dhabi, But Didn’t

Class of alumni Rastraraj Bhandari was selected for the fifth cohort at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. NYUAD students give back to the local community in many ways, such as leading sports programs for children with autism, distributing holiday care packages for workers at the Abu Dhabi seaport, and empowering young girls to become leaders in their own communities.

NYUAD students are passionate about civic engagement, public service, and research. Many students come to Abu Dhabi with previous volunteer experience from high school.

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